Solid Pool Covers

  • Reduce Algea growth

  • Easy to Cover

  • Beautiful looking

  • Weight tolerance of 2 adults

  • and a child (175kg)

  • Safeguard your pool area

  • Save on Electricity by 70%

  • Reduce Water Vaporization by 80%

  • Save in chemical Costs by 70%

  • Save in pool Maintenance by 80%

  • Reduces Pump-run time by 70%

  • Reduce Chemical usage

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Pool Safety Net

pool net
pool nets pretoria

A child will not be able to lift and crawl under the net All our pool nets are treated with a UV protective coat to last much longer The net can easily be installed and removed by a single adult The safety net is fitted according to the shape and size of your pool. Our safety nets also come in size for Koi ponds and water features in Black or blue.

All our safety nets have a 3 YEAR Guarantee.

A Pool Safety Net fit neatly and seamlessly around Ladders,Rocks and other Obstructions. Importantly, There won’t be any gaps in the net which could create a potential hazard. The Pool Safety Net is extremely light weight and can be fitted or removed in less than 5 minutes.
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pool blanket
pool blanket johannesburg
pool blanket pretoria
1. Cuts evaporation by up to 90%
2.Cuts Heating Costs by 70% or more
3. Keeps pool cleaner
4. Save on chemicals and energy Installation only takes a few minutes


All pool covers help save energy by creating a barrier against evaporation. A solar pool cover, also known as a solar blanket, goes one step further by efficiently trapping heat energy from the sun, helping keep your outdoor pool warm for less money.

The solar blanket is often compared to bubble wrap used for shipping fragile goods, but it’s made of thicker plastic.
This sheet allows sunshine to enter the water and then captures the heat energy in those bubbles at night, passing the energy back to the water.

A solar pool cover is lightweight, allowing you to place it easily on the surface of the water. Many pool owners also choose to install a reel to pull the blanket back, and for easy storage.

The more you keep your pool covered with a solar blanket between swims, the lower your heating bill will be. And like the lid on a saucepan, the cover reduces evaporation by up to 95 percent, which helps conserve water and chemicals.

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The Leaf Catchers

Leaf pool cover is a special type of cover with the primary purpose of “keeping leaves out of your pool”.
This type of cover is typically not considered a “safety” cover unless it is installed over a pool safety net (more on this later).
Leaf pool covers are made from a tightly knitted polyethylene material that allows rainwater to easily pass through, while filtering out leaves and debris.Other names include “leaf nets”, “leaf catchers”, “pool leaf covers” and “leaf pool tarps”.                            Read more here

Fast Service

We deliver fast and quality safety pool cover service all year long

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We offer an owner managed hands-on service with all our installations

Made with care

All our products are made with exreme precision and care with a no-quesions-asked guarantee


We have 4safety pool cover options to choose from


Covering your pool with our safety covers will save you money

Easy on the eye

Our Products are of the highest quality and its neat appearance makes it easy on the eye