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What are leaf pool nets?

Leaf pool cover is a special type of cover with the primary purpose of “keeping leaves out of your pool”.
This type of cover is typically not considered a “safety” cover unless it is installed over a pool safety net (more on this later).
Leaf pool covers are made from a tightly knitted polyethylene material that allows rainwater to easily pass through, while filtering out leaves and debris.
Other names include “leaf nets”, “leaf catchers”, “pool leaf covers” and “leaf pool tarps”.

There are some “leaf covers” on the market that are rectangular and made from a very thin, cheap material.
These inexpensive covers are held in place with bags of water and often last only one season (or less). They do not provide any level of safety at all.
These disposable covers are very different from Covers4Pools leaf pool covers.
The type of leaf cover that we offer is anchored to your deck/paving, and can support weight in the event of an emergency and are guaranteed to last for many seasons.
They are custom-made to fit the exact size and shape of your pool and have a very clean, “finished” look.

Covers4pools offers the best pool leaf net on the market.
The perimeter of the leaf pool cover is sewn with a strong border material and grommets are installed into the border.
These grommets are then used to attach the leaf net cover with small hooks to anchors installed into your swimming pool paving.
The pool leaf net is stretched fairly tightly across your pool.
This leaf net has a border that is made from polyethylene twine that is wrapped and twisted around the perimeter of the cover.
The perimeter is very similar to that of a pool safety net in that it has arched edges and is stretched very tightly across the pool.

How safe and strong are leaf pool covers?

It is important to know that Covers4Pools leaf pool nets are not designed to act as a safety cover. They can only aid in safety if  installed over a pool safety net (which is compliant). Leaf pool nets are made from a super strong knitted polyethylene material and are anchored to the pool paving or deck using a combination of stainless steel anchors and stainless steel hooks.
Covers4Pools leaf net can support a large amount of weight, but the reason that they are not considered a “pool safety cover” is because the material can stretch allowing the cover to sag down into the water. This is why a pool safety net is required under the leaf net in order to make it compliant.

Are leaf covers easy to use?

All you have to do is unroll the leaf pool covers out over the pool safety net and then connect it around the perimeter using bungee cords.
It takes only a few minutes and does not require much strength or skill.A simple, medium sized leaf cover will take 5-15 minutes to remove and replace depending on how fast you work. A very large and complex cover might take 15 to 30 minutes or more.

How safe and strong are leaf pool covers?

It is important to know that leaf nets are not designed to act as a safety cover.
They are not compliant unless installed over a pool safety net (which is compliant).

Why choose a leaf pool net cover over other covers?

Leaf pool covers are ideal if your only concern is leaves and debris. Pool leaf covers are light weight and relatively easy to use.
They cost less than other types of covers and last for a very long time. If you have concerns regarding safety, then there are probably better options available such as a removable pool fence, a pool safety cover or an automatic pool cover.

Why choose a pool leaf net from Covers4Pools?

Covers4Pools has pioneered the leaf pool cover industry. In the past, you had only a couple of options to keep the leaves out of your pool but they all had their drawbacks.
Automatic pool covers are great in many ways, but they are very expensive, often costing a couple of thousand rand.
In addition, most backyards cannot accommodate an electric pool cover due to the shape of the pool.
Mesh pool covers are great at stopping leaves and debris, but they are very heavy and difficult to remove and replace.
Winter pool covers are really only meant to be removed or replaced at the end or beginning of the swim season.
Leaf tarp covers are okay at stopping leaves but they are not anchored to the pool deck.
If someone walks or falls onto them, they can collapse and trap the person creating a serious drowning risk.

Covers4Pools Leaf Pool nets  are custom-made to fit the exact size and shape of your pool. The materials used are extremely strong and durable.
The fabric is made from virgin polyethylene with maximum UV inhibitors so that your cover will last for many years.
The hardware is a combination of high grade stainless steel and brass.
All thread is comprised of mono-filament, bonded, polyester which means that it is not going to break down prematurely.
All-Safe is the only company to offer a leaf pool cover with twine border. We invented it and perfected it.

Can a leaf net be installed on any pool?

A pool leaf net can be installed on most swimming pools. Unlike a mesh pool cover or automatic pool cover,
a leaf pool cover can accommodate larger elevation changes and more complicated rock formations and obstructions.
Leaf covers are more versatile and flexible allowing them to cover a wider variety of situations.
However, a leaf pool cover needs to wrap over the top of rocks in order to properly seal out leaves and debris.
A leaf cover installed directly into the side of a raised wall will leave a gap equal to the length of the anchoring clip which is about 20-30cm therefore,
it is always best to overlap or go “up and over” the perimeter, if at all possible.

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